I kissed a bride and I liked it

Engagement sessions shot on the sailboat are some of my favorites because I get to come along and help. Couples seem to like coming to the Twin Dolphin Marina and meeting me. The humans sometimes walk around downtown Bradenton and up by Mattison’s . They look all cute and lovey dovey. Then they join me on the boat for plenty of sniffing and petting. We then leave the dock and motor out of the marina. Usually this is near my dinner time because dad says the light for making pretty pictures is the best then. I think I should get fed before we go. I’m just sayin.

Our pretty people move all about the boat while dad holds the camera in front of his face and mom drives the boat. A little later, when I am really hungry, they often sit in the cockpit and that is when I make my move. I start slowly and use one of my cute looks that guarantees more petting, when the time is right I move in for the kiss. The guys don’t get threatened because, after all, I am just a dog. Blair and Joey were just here and my dad got this photo of me implementing my plan. If I had my own laptop it would be my screen saver.

Woof at ya later