About the Dog Who Blogs

Officially, my papers say my name is Beuregard Obetz but most people just call me Beau (except when I am in trouble, then its “BEAUREGARD”, I prefer Beau). I am an 8 year old chocolate lab and I live most of the time on a sailboat in Bradenton, FL and some of the time in a loft in Kansas City with my mom and dad, Peter and Christy.

My dad has a business partner, Uncle Steve, who mostly shoots in the Kansas City area. They spend a lot of time with a camera held up in front of their faces taking pictures of pretty brides and handsome grooms. We are wedding photographers; not just any wedding photographers because the business is called Real Deal Wedding Photography. They say that means we are really good and really affordable. Sometimes I hear them say “Affordable Artistry”.

These are my observations of daily life as a photographer’ s dog; I try to write them down between my frequent naps. I know, its a tough life, but someone has to do it.

Keeping a good lookout

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