Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Today I want to talk about wedding photographers and videographers working together. It is a subject that has been discussed a lot within the industry and there are no right or wrong answers (well maybe mine is a little better answer). I would guess that if you ask photographers they would most likely say their work is most important and if you asked videographers they would say theirs is. What is not cool are the ones who admit that, or act like, they don’t care about the other one or how the other’s work turns out because it is not important to them. Some forget who they are working for. It’s all about the client stupid!  It is the bride and groom that are the important ones (partly because they are related to the ones writing the checks) and their wishes are what counts the most. Remember, if they hired both a photographer and a videographer, they want good results from BOTH!!

As you know Dad and Mom are West Coast Florida wedding photographers (based in Bradenton) and have had to face this issue many times. They have found that some photographers put it in their contract that the photographer takes precedent over the videographer. They discuss it with the bride and groom ahead of time to make sure the videographer(s) do not get in their shots or their way. I can see where that makes sense as the photographer is the one who sets up most of the shots and should be able to get what they need. BUT I also think there is room for both if a little common sense and courtesy are used. Real Deal Wedding Photography always tries to treat people the way they want to be treated. It usually (but not always) works.

Dad and Mom have some videographers that they love working with.  Sage and Grady of Star Fruit Productions are high on their list (they are based on the west coast of Florida). They do a wonderful job, are very professional, courteous and a lot of fun to work with. They are always respectful of the shots Dad and Mom need to get and always manage to get great shots themselves. In fact Dad and team Starfruit will often tip each other off  about a particular shot or “moment” that is happening.  Because of this, it is easy for Dad and Mom to treat them the same way.  There is enough room for all of them because they all use common sense and courtesy (are you catching my theme here?). When a bride and groom request a recommendation for a videographer Sage and Grady are the ones they suggest.

They have also had some not so great experiences with videographers in the recent past. These are the kind that think the day is all about them and they don’t even think of using (can you guess it?) common sense and courtesy.

For example at a very nice Catholic Church on St. Pete Beach, Dad and Mom encountered the following:

The two videographers (guys) show up in shorts, goofy fake tuxedo t-shirts and those “trying to be hipster” hats.  They must of thought they looked all hip and artsy but Dad and Mom said they just looked like “dorks”, well dad had a few other names, but I am not allowed to repeat those. Isn’t it just plain common sense to know you should dress appropriately whenever you are working a wedding ESPECIALLY in a formal church?  

When it came to shooting, they were frequently in the way of Dad and Mom’s shot and didn’t once try to be courteous or stay our of their way. We all know that churches usually have strict guidelines for photographers and videographers. These guidelines usually dictate where you can and can’t be shooting during the ceremony. Dad and Mom always follow these guidelines but these guys were all over the place breaking all the rules. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when they laid on the floor in the middle of the aisle to get their shot as the husband and wife were recessing at the end of the ceremony.

Just Before The Priest Kicked Them Out

Just Before The Priest Kicked Them Out

These goofballs blocked the aisle and the priest got so angry that he kicked them out of the church then and there. Told them they could never shoot there again. Dad and Mom will never recommend them to anyone…go figure.

The bottom line is that if a bride and groom want a photographer and a videographer both should be able to work together and get the shots they want to get by using (yep you got it) common sense and being courteous. At Real Deal Wedding Photography we strive to be the photographers that any videographer would want to work with.

And now my common sense tells me it is time for a nap so that’s it for today.

Peace out,

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