Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I would like to take the time and wish all the mothers everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day. I know my dad and mom love their mothers with all their heart and would agree that today is a good day to say so.

A mother is the greatest gift in life. She is always there, loving supporting and sacrificing. Moms are so many things to us… a teacher, a nurse, a playmate, an inspiration, a best friend and confidant. As a child we know that our mom will keep us safe and if we are very lucky as an adult we figure out that our mom is our best friend.

A mother’s heart is a beautiful thing and will love you unconditionally. A mother will encourage you when you are doubtful, cheer you on when need be and stand by quietly in case you need her when it is time for you to make your own decisions.

It has been said that Mother’s Day is a Hallmark Card Day but I say we use it as a time in one way or another to acknowledge our moms. It can be a phone call, a dinner, a gift, a note, flowers or a hug.

Happy Mother's Day Gigi!

Happy Mother’s Day Gigi!

Thank her for who she has been, who she is and how with good grace and cheer she has helped make you who you are.

Thanks to my four legged mom for having me and giving me good genes so that I am healthy. Thanks also, to my human mom for loving me so much that she feeds me, takes me for walks and lets me use her wonderful tempurpedic pillow whenever I want. I know I am loved because my mom tells me so every day!

Mom And Me On A Walk About

Mom And Me On A Walk About

I love you mom!

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