Everybody Wants To Be A Photographer

Today I want to talk about wedding guests and their cameras. Dad and Mom often talk about this subject. They say that they are amazed about how many wedding guests take their cameras and use them during the ceremony. Not just their cameras but their iPads and phones. Not only do they use them but they often use them with a flash!

My parents never use flash during the ceremony. They believe a wedding ceremony is just that…a sacred ceremony and not a photo session. That is one of the reasons they use professional equipment that can be adjusted to different lighting situations.

Dad says he can’t believe that there are so many wedding guests that just snap away during the service. How can you enjoy the loveliness of the moment with a camera in front of your face? Sometimes they are trying so hard to get a good shot that they get in the way of the professional that the bride and groom have paid good money for.

After napping on this I have come up with a couple of simple suggestions.

If you want to take your camera do so but ask the bride and groom if they care if you shoot during the ceremony.

If you must shoot during the ceremony don’t use a flash.

Don’t stand up for long periods of time taking pictures because the people behind you would like to see the bride and groom…not your behind.

Try to stay out of the professional photographers way. When group shots are being taken try not to be the one that says “just one more” then take forever getting your shot. This holds everything up and weddings are usually on a tight schedule.

Lastly, be courteous.

That’s it for now. I need to contemplate the inside of my eyelids!


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