Beau Knows Bridal Fairs

It appears that Dad and Mom are gearing up for another Bridal Fair. To me a fair is a place to go to ride the Ferris Wheel and Tilt O Whirl, eat cotton candy and a funnel cake (oh yum). Evidently this is not that kind of fair. This is an event where all the different types of vendors that are involved in the wedding industry set up a booth and show what kind of services they offer. Kind of like a trade show for brides.

Dad Working His Magic at a Bridal Fair

Dad Working His Magic at a Bridal Fair

There are booths for, honeymoon destinations, jewelry, bridal gowns, tuxedos, party rental items, photographers, videographers…sounded kind of boring until I heard there are also booths for caterers, and cake designers. Dad told me the caterers cook yummy dishes and hand out samples for FREE and the cakes he described sound delicious. Now that sounds like a fair worth going to!

Some brides come with friends or family members who make a day of the event. Some come with their husband-to-be who typically do not want to be there and walk around like a kid who got drug along to the fabric store with their mom.

Bridal Fairs can be a little overwhelming as there are so many things to see and people to talk to. From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave your senses are being bombarded with all kinds of sounds, sights, smells and tastes all designed to make your special day magical.

I have a few tips that may help you get the most out of your experience at a Bridal Fair.

Allow plenty of time to get the most out of the day. Decide ahead of time what you expect to get out of the experience.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Bring a pad and pen. There will be many opportunities to register for prizes and you will want to take notes.
Bring a friend. When they hand out bags at the different booths be sure to get two, one for you and one for your friend. Put the brochures and handouts from the vendors you like into your bag and toss the rest into your friend’s bag. That way you don’t have so many things to sort through when you get home.
Make labels to use for the contests so you don’t have to write your name, wedding date, and email address over and over. Return address labels work best.
Ask the vendors you like if they have a show special.
Bring a camera. Bringing a simple digital camera will allow you to quickly remember some of the great things you see at the show. Did you see a dress that had a feature you liked or flowers you want at your ceremony?

Most of all enjoy yourself. Oh yeah, if you have a wonderful canine type friend at home like me, smuggle some cake for your precious. Just a little! They’ll be glad you did.

Woof out,

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