Beam Me Up Scotty!

My mom and dad who are Florida Gulf Coast wedding photographers get to photograph some wonderfully fun people for their engagements and weddings. This week was no exception.

This story happens to be about an engagement photo session. It started by the Dali museum in downtown St. Petersburg with a charming couple that was fun to work with and very photogenic. Dad took some great shots along the waterfront with palm trees in the foreground and a marina full of boats in the background. Dad felt really good about the way things were going. There were lots of great shots. He really tries to capture their personalities in a unique way.

After the regular photos were taken, the bride informed them that she was a lifetime “Trekkie” and had an idea for a couple of shots around Beach St. in Downtown St. Petersburg. Dad and Mom not thinking anything of it said, “Sure!”. The groom knowing that a happy wife means a happy life said “ok”.

The bride went to the bathroom and changed into a full on Star Trek costume. We are talking full body suit. This is like those dogs with full on halloween costumes, not just a sweater. She looked amazing. The groom reluctantly changed into his costume which wasn’t quite as extravagant but was still very much Star Trek. Here he was in public wearing something he never would have guessed he would be wearing but he was a good sport.

We went to a park downtown that had a very cool sculpture where they pulled out fake taser like guns. They got into character and we had a blast taking these shots.

Dad shooting the "Trekkie"

Dad shooting the “Trekkie”



My advice to all bride and grooms is to make the most of this amazing time of your life. Do what makes you feel happy and be who you are. You will end up with wonderful memories that will last a life time. All that being said, don’t even think of dressing me up in a Star Trek costume.

Beam me up Scotty,
Beau Out

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