Beau Sails South

Day One
We threw off the lines and left the marina around 5:00 p.m. to anchor out at Emerson Point (Dad calls this staging). I was so excited that Karen was with us, because she loves on me like my mom and dad. Bob and Carol followed in their boat (Island Packet 380). After the anchors were set they came over to hang out with us on our boat. They kept reminding each other that it was 5:00 somewhere. I didn’t get it, but I was hungry.

Bob and Carol brought over a beautiful piece of pork that Dad cooked on the grill. It tasted heavenly. I give it two paws up!

After dinner Dad and Bob took me to shore to do my business. It was dark so Mom tried to help by blinding us with a spot light from the boat. She didn’t realize she wasn’t helping. Dad took Bob and Carol back to their boat and we all got ready for bed. Karen slept in the V berth and I joined her for a while. She has a nice comfy blanket and I quickly fell asleep occupying more space than any other 80 pound creature could possibly occupy.

Day Two
What the heck? Dad and Mom set their alarm for 7:00 a.m. Do you realize that the sun is not even up at that hour and I had not even thought about breakfast yet? Dad took me to shore then we pulled up the anchor and set off on our adventure.

The plan was to sail south to The Crow’s Nest in Venice. However, the wind was on our nose (not the forecast) which I now understand means the equivalent of putting my head out the window while Dad drives down the highway. It also meant the boat moved up and down a lot which made me feel a bit queasy. Mom, however saved the day and gave me the right medication.

Dad didn’t want the crew to know about his anxiety upon arriving at a marina he had never been to before (it is know for strong currents). I knew he felt a bit anxious but Mom didn’t have a clue. He did a fabulous job of docking the boat! My dad is the greatest captain ever!

Once in the slip Mom took me for a walk then Karen took over and let me drag her around. I love being a boat dog. Everyone says how handsome I am and that makes me so happy. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Day Three
We left Crow’s Nest around 10:00 a.m. We had planned on leaving earlier but it took me a while to decide what patch of grass to do my business on.

When we got out into the gulf Dad and Mom tried to raise the main sail but it was all bunched up in the mast and they couldn’t unfurl it so we motor sailed with just the head sail. It was ok for a while but then the waves got really big. Dad thinks about five to six feet. It was a very rough ride and I was scared to death! Mom and Karen tried to calm me down but I wanted off this boat. Finally Mom gave me some medication and I relaxed enough to lay down. Karen laid by me on the floor of the cockpit to try and keep me calm. I really do not like BIG waves.

FINALLY we arrived at Useppa Island around 4:00. It is a really beautiful anchorage. We took the dinghy to Cabbage Key where I did my business and the humans had an adult beverage and I had my favorite beverage…water. It is quite a charming place and I bet it would be a great place for a destination wedding. I’m getting quite good at knowing things about wedding photography and good venues.

We returned to the boat for a dinner of Lake Chicken, rice, salad and Brussels sprouts. I could have done without the sprouts but the humans seem to like them. YUCK.

Off to bed for now. We have to rest up because tomorrow we are going exploring! Can’t wait!!

More to come, pictures of me to follow.

Woof, out.

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