Destination; Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Several times a year Mom and Dad shoot destination weddings. They are going to Paris this summer and have shot in Mexico numerous times, but most often the weddings are in various parts of Florida.

Recently Real Deal wedding Photography went to The Pink Shell Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. My two upright masters who feed me explained that no pets were allowed at the resort. That means that I got a mini vacation at Debbie’s house (see previous post).

The Pink Shell Resort is a beautiful resort for weddings. It is situated on a sugar-white sand beach at the tip of Estero Island and is surrounded by calm gulf waters with spectacular views. The staff was very attentive to every aspect of the wedding details.

Beach Wedding at The Pink Shell Resort

This particular destination wedding featured a striking couple from Kansas City (of all places!). Dad and Mom really loved spending the day with them and their families.

Josh and Adrien

The weather this winter in Florida has been amazing but this particular Friday, rain was in the forecast and unfortunately the forecast was right. It started raining very early but as if on cue, the rain stopped just in the nick of time for their morning beach wedding to come off without a hitch.

Most of the time the reception is held inside the resort. However, for this one everyone boarded a bus and were shuttled to the Sanibel Harbour Marriott. The party was on board the beautiful Sanibel Harbour Princess Yacht (located at Sanibel Harbour Marriott) as it cruised around the gulf coast. The Sanibel Harbour Princess accommodates 120 passengers in two indoor upper and lower salons as well as two outside observation decks. A private salon in the bow seats 16. There are bars on both decks. The captain and crew did a wonderful job of making sure that the 50 plus guests had a spectacular sit down meal.

Sanibel Harbour Princess Yacht

Afterwards there was dancing and cocktails on the upper deck complete with the bride’s 84 year old grandmother doing push ups on the dance floor.

Push Ups On The Dance Floor

Boy was Dad impressed! Said grandmother asked if dad would get the Captain to dance with her. Of course, Dad made it happen because at Real Deal Wedding Photography we aim to please!

We recommend you consider The Pink Shell Resort and/or the Sanibel Harbour Princess if you are planning a destination wedding in Florida. It goes without saying as to who you should hire for your destination wedding photographer. Just make sure there is room at Debbie’s dog spa for your favorite canine!


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  1. Beau!

    Gotta love Granny blowing away those pec reps- don’t know about you, but I’m going to watch for that Granny in her big, upcoming, world title bout with Spider Rico.

    Dig your comments on the pink shell hotel- beautiful joint. Afterall, pink is the new black, as you informed.

    Nice pics too! BO, your Dad sure has figured out that really big instruction book that came in his camera box. Heck, I’m still testing my box of flash cubes. Funny, I cannot seem to get the darn things to flash more than once- maybe you could ask your Dad about that for ole JJ?

    Well, partner, until next time; I must get slacking about the boat or its going to be a “Ruff” day….Now, just where did I put those thumbs of mine?

    Fair winds,