If I Only Had Thumbs, I Would Be Captain Beau!!!

Marina life is quite an experience for a dog.  We have the greatest boat neighbors.  One of them is Karen and she is from Canada.  She is a very nice lady.  I like her a lot!  She is very kind to me and keeps a box of cookies that she shares with me (actually they are dog cookies so SHE probably doesn’t eat them but I love them).  Dad and Mom have tried to teach me good manners like do not beg and other silly things but sometimes I cannot help myself.  I get the urge and I just have to run to her boat and give her the cutest look I have.  I have several different cute looks and pull out the best ones for the really good treats.  It works every time (even if I am drooling stupidly, damn that pavlov!) Two paws up for Karen’s cookies!!!!

Our Friend Karen

We have another good boat neighbor.  His name is JJ.  JJ is a kind man that comes and takes me for walkabouts and talks when Dad and Mom are off shooting weddings late at night.  He is fun.  He has this awesome boat named Rowdy (Pacific Seacraft) and I am going to jump on it some day (when the time is right) and check it out.  I hear it is pretty cool inside.

Our Friend JJ

Anyway…JJ will come to walk me and we have the most amazing conversations.  Often it is about the girl dogs on the dock (yep there are some hot ones). Other times it may be about eyewear selection, world issues, politics, Ayn Rand,  and sometimes it is about my poor gastrointestinal decisions.  But like I said he is kind and he never gets mad about how much of my “stuff” he has to pick up when he walks me.

JJ and I Discuss Eyewear Selection

There are a lot of other nice people that come on the weekends…they like to call me Beauregard which is my given name and it makes me feel a bit haughty.  They all know where I liked to be scratched and petted and never get tired of me hanging around with them.  Some of them even have really cute dogs of their own.  I try to remain aloof so I don’t appear to be easy but sometimes I just have to let them sniff my nether-regions.

One of the really cool things about living in the marina is getting to see dolphins swimming by our boat.  They make the weirdest noise when they surface.  You know they are mammals, not fish, so they have to breathe.  All the humans get crazy when they see them.  They point, smile and stare. Then dad tries to grab his camera, but the dolphins always seem to know and swim way down deep.  That is why he calls it a dolphin repeller.

There are other interesting people that we meet.  I hear a lot of stories when I am laying around acting like I’m asleep.  Some of them are your everyday run of the mill BS but a lot of them are true adventure stories.  In my next life I think I want to be a human because if I had thumbs I could actually help sail a boat…or maybe better yet…CAPTAIN a boat just like my dad.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful??

Do These Make Me Look Like A Captain?

If it’s gonna happen…it’s gonna happen out there!
Captain Beau

One thought on “If I Only Had Thumbs, I Would Be Captain Beau!!!

  1. Beau! Groovy eyewear; bet you pick up those jewels up at an exclusive shop in Paris! …what taste! I am sure the Ford Agency is on the blower for you this very moment. Glab that line mate!

    On the Thumbs thing: listen Partner, thumbs are way over rated.

    Here is some real advice: locate yourself some “Hooters”…yep, a set of big ole “Milk Wagons”…then you are all set for an easy ride on the feather bed of life.

    With thumbs, the world, such that it is, expects you to have a pesky job and actually work,,,, uh that is unless you aspire to become a total, boat bum slacker, with thumbs, like me.

    email me for a walk and we will discuss the matter- if you can ditch those working stiffs you live with.

    Bark at you later, gator,

    JJ S/V Rowdy…island bound Winter 2012