Not your mama’s wedding photographer

My dad says choosing your wedding photographer is really a big deal. You want to pick someone who has the style you are after. We shoot in a photojournalistic style because my dad went to college to learn how to shoot for newspapers. Granted it was back in the stone age when they went to a place called a darkroom. I hear they would shoot 20-30 rolls of stuff called film at one football game! The processing is now done with the lights on, and dad sits in front of an iMac for long hours, but the shooting is still the same.

He approaches a wedding as if he were assigned a story to shoot. He begins with the brides primping and and the grooms complaining about uncomfortable shoes and collars too tight. Those are some of his favorite moments. Then there is the ceremony and on to the party. Dad does suggest shooting some “formals” because Aunt Susie still really wants to have those, but he is very fast and can get those done in a half hour or so.

At the end of the day it is the candids that capture the true feeling of your wedding day and that is where his training and work for the associated press really pay off. There is a timeless quality to well composed photographs that don’t rely on photoshop trickery. Think of your kids looking at your album in 20 years and not laughing because all of your appliances are avocado.

Dad says there are as many styles of wedding photography as there are Florida wedding photographers.
Some emphasize the formals with meticulous posing and largely “say cheese” plastic smiles.

Some seem to just shoot weddings so they have a lot of material to “over-photoshop” using the latest filters and plugins to really jazz up their photos. They abide by the motto that everything can be “fixed” in photoshop. Some may have a style but their fundamental shooting technique is so poor that it is hard to see what it might be. Shooting sunset beach photos is a challenge to do well. You have to know how to balance the natural light with flash or a reflector. Some look “over-flashed” or way to dark. You know this is if you have tried it yourself.

Take at look at his portfolio on the website and see if our style is what you are after.

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