Dad Is No Weekend Warrior

No offense to those who sit in a cubicle all week long and shoot weddings on the weekends, but is that who you really want to capture some of the most important photos of your life?  Dad says, “this isn’t kickball…you don’t get a do over.”

So what is it that you take with you at the end of your wedding day?  A piece of cake wrapped multiple times to try and prevent freezer burn (it doesn’t work), a new ring, sore feet, a beautiful gown that looks like the bottom was used as a swifter, happy memories and…. the images created by your wedding photographer.

Dad likes to ask brides if their house is on fire what would they grab? Number one response…you guessed it, photographs.  (Hey what about the dog?) For something so very important shouldn’t your photographer be a full time professional?  Someone who is highly trained and passionate about telling your unique story?

When planning your wedding, even one on a tight budget, your photographer is not the place to skimp.  You should choose a professional with experience, technical skills and professional gear to ensure your photographs are worth grabbing when you smell smoke.

Dad says it’s fine to have your brother-in-law help build your deck but is that who you want to entrust your wedding photography to?  I think not.  I say you hire someone like my Dad or Uncle Josh who are full time professional photographers.  You’ll be glad you did.

Woof at you later,

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