Happy Valentine’s Day!

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “Valentine.” (I would like to add milk bones to the gift list…I’m just sayin’). It is a time to let those you love know how you feel.

In the spirit of things, I would like to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to my Dad who is so very special to me. He does so many wonderful things. He plays ball with me, he fills my swimming pool so I can cool off, he takes me for dinghy rides to the beach so I can swim and romp around, he takes me for long walks and lets me sniff anything I want along the way, he feeds me, he lets me share his space in the bed and he gives me lots of hugs and love. He calls me his brown wonder. If I had thumbs I would draw him a beautiful card to tell him he is the best. I love you Dad!

Dad and me on a dinghy trip.

Dad and me on a dinghy trip.

I would also like to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to my Mom who is also very special. She makes up funny names for me like “Chocolate Flavored Cocoa Puff,” “ Bosey Wosey Pudding and Pie” (sweet but corny), “Mr. Brown”, “The Hims” or “Cutest Boy In The World “(I like that one). She feeds me and fills my water bowl whenever I empty it and she takes me for nice walks to do my business. (She never gets mad when she has to pick up my “stuff”.) She also shares her space in the bed (even though I leave hair on her oh so wonderful tempurpedic pillow) and gives me lots of hugs and love. If I had thumbs I would pick her a bouquet of flowers. I love you Mom!

On a walk about with Mom.

On a walk about with Mom.

Some of the other people on my “Happy Valentine’s Day” list are:

My sisters Taylor and Riley (I call them my sissies) – thank you for all the love you give me. I love it when you are with us.

Papa and Gigi – thanks for letting me come to your house and lay on your beautiful white leather couch. It is so comfy there.

Aunt Tracey – thanks for bringing Madi over to play with me. I love you both!

Eric and Annie – thanks for having Britton. He is an awesome dude and I love it when he visits us.

Auntie Karen – thanks for loving me and letting me get on your boat any time I want. You always have nice treats for me. Also thanks for feeding and walking me when Dad and Mom are working. I love it when you call me Beaulicious! People say you and I have “good energy”.

Rob and Nancy – thanks for giving me treats (I LOVE treats) and letting me come to your house even though I make the cats crazy.

Uncle Steve – thanks for staying with me In Kansas City when Mom and Dad go on vacation. You take really good care of me.

Debbie – thanks for letting me stay with you in Florida when Mom and Dad go on vacation. You are the best for letting me swim in your pool (that makes me feel special). I love the wicker chair by the pool. If feels like my throne.

Uncles Jeff and Trae – Thanks for hugging and loving on me and especially for the homemade dog treats at Christmas. Also thanks for throwing the tennis ball for me when we are at the pool in Kansas City.

Woof! I have lots of Valentines in my life, I could go on and on! I am a lucky dog!

Tell all of your Valentines why you are thankful for them. You will be glad you did!

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Tired from blogging.

Love and hugs,