Wishing You A Happy and Peaceful New Year!

Whew!  Christmas is a crazy time of year.  There are presents and parties and dinners oh my!  I love it!  Not sure yet about the stupid bell Dad and Mom insist on putting on my collar every year but all in all it has been a great holiday season. I do have a thing for those holiday-themed rawhide chew bones.  Not sure why they taste different this time of year.  Dad says its like a hotdog at the ballpark, they just taste better.

The gift part is ok, but I enjoy the wonderful times spent with family and friends the most.  There is food, drink, fun conversations, food, laughter, lots of petting (the dog type you sickos) , joy and oh such wonderful food scraps!   It seems like you humans really pile it on those plates this time of year, that is not a complaint by the way.   It could wear a dog out, but never fill one up!

It's Hard Being The Brown Wonder

Plus this year we survived the end of the world AGAIN, I think this is one of those made up events so Mom, Dad and friends can eat and drink like there is not going to be a tomorrow.  We made it, albeit a little sluggish on a couple of mornings.  From now on I think we should follow the Dog calendar. The Mayan’s clearly made some cool temples but did not  have that day counting  trick down.

I also have to tell you that whole Santa Claus deal is a bit weird.  Parents telling their children that an overweight, long haired jolly stranger brings their presents to the house in a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer seems a bit strange to me.  And you expect that even I would sleep thru such a clatter, HA, not a chance!!!   Where do humans come up with stuff like that?  By the way, if I was Santa, I think I would have some nice blonde Labradoodles pull my sleigh.  Just saying.

For our family this Christmas has been a blessing as we have had many great moments filled with happiness and joy.  We thank all of our family and friends for their love and support.  Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones this year.  We hope they find peace and happiness in loving memories.

Dad and Mom say the beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on where you have been and anticipate the places you will be going.  I like that and I think I will spend some time napping and thinking about where I will be going in the coming year, beach, boat, park, lake owen, any comfy bed, and that damn car…….. (have you seen how traumatized I am after riding for 22 hours in that rolling steel crate?)

Happy New Year!