I heard Dad and Mom talking about a Bridezilla which sounded kind of scary to me. I used my Beau Phone to look it up on Wikipanion. This is what I found:

A woman who in the course of planning her wedding exercises or attempts to exercise a high degree of control over all minor details of the ceremony and reception.

Upon further investigation, I found that Bridezilla is the name wedding vendors (yes even Dad and Mom) bestow on brides who are particularly difficult and obnoxious. Some say these brides are just reacting to the stress of what it takes to pull off the “perfect” wedding day but many women plan beautiful weddings and manage not to become a she-beast.

Dad says the tricky thing is that their transition from sweethearts to creatures from hell sometimes cannot be foreseen…apparently not even by the future husbands.

Thankfully Dad and Mom say that encountering a Bridezilla is kind of like getting hit by lightning. You hear about it on the news and internet, but rarely does it happen.

Dad always meets with his brides-to-be ahead of time and says that in that first meeting he can tell if it is someone with Bridezilla potential.

If you are a bride-to-be and are reading this, try not to earn the title of Bridezilla. It is NOT a good thing. Plan ahead, prepare and then relax and enjoy your special day. If everything does not work out exactly as you planned, roll with it because in the end you will end up the same way…married to the love of your life!

Now where the heck is that tennis ball? GRRRRRR…