A Camping We Will Go

Today I thought I would weigh in on the fun of tent camping.  For those of you who read my blog, you know that most of our non-wedding photography adventures involve sailing and the ocean.  Not this time.

When the hot mid west weather broke on a weekend with no wedding photography occurring Dad asked if we wanted to go camping.  Since it sounded like fun we agreed and he researched areas we could go in Missouri.

He found out about Paddy Creek Wilderness Area in the Mark Twain National Forest.  It is about a 5 hour drive from Kansas City and is near, get this, a town named Licking.  It is funny that a town is named after one of a dog’s favorite pass times.

Paddy Creek turned out to be a particularly beautiful area in a very isolated old growth forest.  There are huge trees, deep ravines, rocky bluffs and spring fed creeks.  We found a great campsite that was very private and about 10 feet from the creek that yours truly got to play in whenever I wanted.  I had forgotten how nice it is to be able to drink fresh water when I swim.  The salt water in the ocean has bad effects on my gastrointestinal system.

The park has great trails for serious hikers and backpackers.  We took a 12 mile hike that took us about six hours.  We hiked up steep bluffs, through dense forest and crossed many creeks.  I’ll give you one guess as to which part was my favorite.  It was beautiful, challenging and a lot of fun  However, we were all very glad to get back to the campsite, sit by the fire and rest our feet.  We were all dog tired.  My parental units said I  smelled like a dog so I spent some time laying in the creek freshening up (what the heck I am a dog).  I don’t complain that they smell like humans…I’m just sayin’.

I like camping a lot but there is one thing I could do without. Those blasted buzzing bees really bug me.  They make me want to hide in the tent in Dad and Mom’s sleeping bag.  Well anyway, that is the excuse I use when I want to curl up in their really nice and cozy bags.  It’s not a bad way to nap.

On a weekend when Dad and Mom aren’t being wedding photographers (which is not often) camping in the wilderness is a really fun thing to do.  I might even try carrying a backpack next time (or not)!

Must rest now.
Beau Out