So This Is Why They Call It A Dog’s Life!

Dad and Mom had to leave me for a few days at my friend “Debbie The Dog Sitter’s” house while they went to St Augustine to photograph a destination wedding. Real Deal Wedding Photography shoots a lot of destination weddings in Florida and are willing to go almost anywhere in the state.

While Debbie is awesome and never puts me in one of those dog jail cells, it’s not the same as being with Dad and Mom on the boat. My parents are great and understand this, so as a reward to me they took the afternoon off and we hung out on the hook (a.k.a anchor) at Desoto Point. While we were there Dad tested his new solution to getting internet access and powering his big computer when on the hook. It worked like a charm. He had that happy with himself look of satisfaction. I just see him sitting at the computer, again!!

After successfully editing some of the photos from the destination wedding we decided to dinghy in to shore to go for a walk. I love it there because I can run on the beach with other four legged friends, and swim as much as I want. I am also really proud that this year I have learned not to drink the salt water. I am not known for making the best gastrointestinal decisions and the salt water has a particularly explosive affect on my system.

Desoto Point, in Bradenton, FL is a great place to suggest to friends or family that are in town for your destination wedding on Anna Maria Island. They can walk the trails and read the signs about the history of the area and there is a very nice welcome center (that is where the dog watering fountain is). It is a national monument that commemorates the historic route of the conquistador Hernando de Soto and his expedition through the Florida Native American territories in his quest for gold and glory. This all happened in 1539 and I can’t even tell you how many dog years ago that would have been. What is important to me is that they let us canines roam the beach and did I mention they have a dog watering fountain?

My New Found Treasure

We ended the day with a picnic on the beach where I found a great tennis ball. Who would leave such a treasure behind? It was so much fun!!! As I see it, this must be heaven…Dad and Mom, a warm sunny day, a tennis ball and a great beach to run on.

Picnic On The Beach

It IS a dog’s life.