Happy Birthday Dada

Today is my dad’s birthday. I guess it is a big deal because before he got out of bed this morning my mom gave him a package with a big white ribbon tied around it. Just like he does at Christmas time, Dad tied the ribbon around my neck when he took it off the package. I don’t mean to complain but it makes me look so undignified. Because I love my dad so much I will suffer this small embarrassment happily.

A birthday is a time to celebrate the joys of life. My dad has many things to be joyous about. He has wonderful parents, beautiful daughters, a loving wife, many great friends and of course ME! He has a profession he loves and has chances to experience wonderful things that many people only dream of. He has his health which is so very important and for which we are all grateful. I am happy that my dad has all of these things.

Me and My Dad

Dad’s birthday is also a day for me to express the reasons I love him. There are so many it would take forever to list them but I’ll share a few…he throws the ball for me over and over…he feeds me…he takes me on long walks and to the dog beach…he let’s me lick his face…he feeds me…he let’s me lay on his pillow…he doesn’t complain when my fur gets all over things and did I mention that he feeds me? One of the greatest things he does is saves the last bite of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me (yummy)!

Happy birthday Dada! You are the best dad in the world.