How Many Photographers Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb: Or To Shoot My Wedding?

The other day Dad was meeting with a bride to be who asked if he had an opinion about using a second photographer for her wedding. Beyond his opinion that I am the best dog in the world, he has one about this, too.

Dad thinks that for about 80% of weddings one photographer is all that is needed. Remember he was trained as a photojournalist and is used to covering a lot of ground and telling a story by himself. Think of it this way, rarely does a newspaper send more than one photographer to an event. Also, keep in mind that most photographers who advertise and bring a “second” shooter, usually bring someone who is starting out and trying to learn how to shoot better. Rarely are you getting two photographers of the caliber reflected in the main shooter’s portfolio.

There are exceptions to the one photographer rule. Big sporting events often require more than one because there are so many vantage points to shoot from. In thinking the same way about a wedding, you might need a second photographer if the venue is really large and has a balcony or multiple locations to shoot from. Another factor is the size of your wedding party and the number of locations you choose. Also, if you want all of the photos of the wedding party shot ahead of the ceremony and you are dead set on the bride and groom not seeing each other you may want a second shooter for that portion.

As for the reception, usually one photographer is all that is needed.

A good photographer like my dad will get around four to eight hundred good shots (sometimes more) from a wedding. That’s a lot! So unless your wedding is really big, one photographer should be able to capture your special day!

If you think two shooters may be needed we can easily accommodate that request. Dad has lots of great shooters that can come and help for as much time as is necessary. Usually a couple of hours before and thru the end of the ceremony is all that is needed.

Now if you want MY opinion, it really comes down to what you can afford. I would say save the cost of a second photographer and use the money to buy your dog a special treat! I’m just sayin’…

Woof at you later.