The Food Ladies Are Coming!

Oh goody, goody, goody!!! I just heard my dad and mom talking and they said the food ladies are coming today! I am so happy I just want to chase my tail. You see my dad is a full time photographer and during the week when he isn’t shooting weddings he does a lot of other really cool stuff. One of my favorites is shooting food for Best Choice brand labels. When he does that the food ladies come and they spend the day cooking food and making it look pretty so dad can take pictures of it. You cannot imagine what it takes to make a bowl of green beans look just right. All the beans have to be facing the right direction. Who knew?

It is quite a production! They come to our house in the morning and bring bags and bags of food up the stairs. I can barely contain myself when all that beautiful food gets laid out on the counter.

The Food

They use our kitchen for a studio and on these occasions I am a huge help. My role is to lie under the table and wait for yummy morsels to accidentally fall on the floor. I happily clean them up so my mom doesn’t have to. I am really quite sure I am an important part of their team and they just couldn’t do it without me…not bragging, I’m just sayin’.

My Job

I'm Helping!

Tracey is in charge and she decides what product needs to be shot and how it has to look. Maryann is the food stylist and she does most of the cooking and arranging of the plates. She has a lot of really cool tricks to make food look extra yummy which is not easy under the lights and all. I won’t give her secrets away but she is so good you can’t tell by looking at the pictures that some things are not as they appear to be. Dad is really good at getting the lighting and angle just right to make the food look so good you just have to want it! Next time you are at Price Chopper or another store look for Best Choice food items. Dad has been shooting them for years.

Dad Shooting

It will be a busy weekend because the day after the food ladies are here Mom and Dad are going to the Tampa Bay Bridal Show at the St.Pete Times Forum. They will have a booth and spend the afternoon talking with brides who are looking for a photographer. I wish I could go so I could help convince the brides to choose Real Deal Wedding Photography and…I hear they have food booths there.

All this talk about food is making me tired so I’m off for a nap and dreams of what this afternoon will bring.


The Flying Groom

Mom and Dad were dog-tired and drug their butts in after shooting for 11 hours but their tails were wagging! They said that Chris and Krystle’s wedding was the equivalent of me being at an off leash dog park. The only thing missing was the sniffing. Everyone was fun, unscripted, happy to be there and danced the night away.

The bride and groom were absolutely stunning. The men and women in the bridal party were beautiful inside and out. They made shooting the photographs fun because they were spontaneous and up for any crazy ideas Dad came up with. Actually, they came up with some great ideas on their own.

For all of you brides-to-be, Krystle did a really cool thing for her maid of honor and bridesmaids. She had wrap towels made for each one of them with their initials embroidered on the pocked. They wore them while they were getting their hair and make up done. She also made flip flops for them. They looked so doggone cute!

The Wrap Towels

Between the ceremony and reception they all got in a car that was so long it could have fit 50 dogs and went to the Power and Light District. They got great photos there. Check out this picture of the groom flying through the air.

The Flying Groom

The wedding and reception were at a really cool place called the Berg Event Space, in downtown Kansas City. Dad says it’s a great place for shooting photographs. Here are a few more pictures from Chris and Krystle’s special day.

Aren’t they awesome? They get my two paws up award!

Beau Out