Don’t Flash Me From There

Dad loves to shoot with natural light but sometimes even nature needs a little help. One of the things that makes his photographs look so great is his lighting technique. He doesn’t put that flash thing on top of the camera thing like most wedding photographers. Instead, my mom holds it in various places to get the best look. Dad sometimes refers to her as his “voice activated light stand”.

This off camera light produces a more flattering and artistic look to our photographs. Good lighting skills are important to his style of photojournalistic wedding photography. Remember from my earlier post, he does not want to rely on photoshop to fix it later.

So you might ask yourself, if this is so great why doesn’t everyone do it that way? I hear it is because it’s kind of hard to balance the natural light with the flash. Since Dad’s been shooting for most of his life, I guess he’s got it down. In fact, he sometimes teaches seminars to help other photographers learn these new tricks. (You see, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. My uncle Trae taught me to crawl just last year!)

I have attached some examples of Dad’s style of lighting from a recent engagement photo session on Anna Maria Island. They were taken on Coquina Beach which is a popular destination for Florida beach weddings. I missed this shoot because it is one of those dumb beaches that does not see the value of me assisting my parents. These are a mixture of both natural light and off camera flash.

Dad said this couple was really fun to work with and he is very happy with the way these photographs turned out. Be sure to check out our Facebook page which has a few more photos from the shoot.

Coquina Beach Engagement Session

Ian and Aisha on Coquina Beach at sunset

Anna Maria Island At Sunset

A beautiful sunset on Anna Maria Island