Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Today I want to talk about wedding photographers and videographers working together. It is a subject that has been discussed a lot within the industry and there are no right or wrong answers (well maybe mine is a little better answer). I would guess that if you ask photographers they would most likely say their work is most important and if you asked videographers they would say theirs is. What is not cool are the ones who admit that, or act like, they don’t care about the other one or how the other’s work turns out because it is not important to them. Some forget who they are working for. It’s all about the client stupid!  It is the bride and groom that are the important ones (partly because they are related to the ones writing the checks) and their wishes are what counts the most. Remember, if they hired both a photographer and a videographer, they want good results from BOTH!!

As you know Dad and Mom are West Coast Florida wedding photographers (based in Bradenton) and have had to face this issue many times. They have found that some photographers put it in their contract that the photographer takes precedent over the videographer. They discuss it with the bride and groom ahead of time to make sure the videographer(s) do not get in their shots or their way. I can see where that makes sense as the photographer is the one who sets up most of the shots and should be able to get what they need. BUT I also think there is room for both if a little common sense and courtesy are used. Real Deal Wedding Photography always tries to treat people the way they want to be treated. It usually (but not always) works.

Dad and Mom have some videographers that they love working with.  Sage and Grady of Star Fruit Productions are high on their list (they are based on the west coast of Florida). They do a wonderful job, are very professional, courteous and a lot of fun to work with. They are always respectful of the shots Dad and Mom need to get and always manage to get great shots themselves. In fact Dad and team Starfruit will often tip each other off  about a particular shot or “moment” that is happening.  Because of this, it is easy for Dad and Mom to treat them the same way.  There is enough room for all of them because they all use common sense and courtesy (are you catching my theme here?). When a bride and groom request a recommendation for a videographer Sage and Grady are the ones they suggest.

They have also had some not so great experiences with videographers in the recent past. These are the kind that think the day is all about them and they don’t even think of using (can you guess it?) common sense and courtesy.

For example at a very nice Catholic Church on St. Pete Beach, Dad and Mom encountered the following:

The two videographers (guys) show up in shorts, goofy fake tuxedo t-shirts and those “trying to be hipster” hats.  They must of thought they looked all hip and artsy but Dad and Mom said they just looked like “dorks”, well dad had a few other names, but I am not allowed to repeat those. Isn’t it just plain common sense to know you should dress appropriately whenever you are working a wedding ESPECIALLY in a formal church?  

When it came to shooting, they were frequently in the way of Dad and Mom’s shot and didn’t once try to be courteous or stay our of their way. We all know that churches usually have strict guidelines for photographers and videographers. These guidelines usually dictate where you can and can’t be shooting during the ceremony. Dad and Mom always follow these guidelines but these guys were all over the place breaking all the rules. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when they laid on the floor in the middle of the aisle to get their shot as the husband and wife were recessing at the end of the ceremony.

Just Before The Priest Kicked Them Out

Just Before The Priest Kicked Them Out

These goofballs blocked the aisle and the priest got so angry that he kicked them out of the church then and there. Told them they could never shoot there again. Dad and Mom will never recommend them to anyone…go figure.

The bottom line is that if a bride and groom want a photographer and a videographer both should be able to work together and get the shots they want to get by using (yep you got it) common sense and being courteous. At Real Deal Wedding Photography we strive to be the photographers that any videographer would want to work with.

And now my common sense tells me it is time for a nap so that’s it for today.

Peace out,

It’s All About Crackers

We are back in Kansas City for the summer and I have intently sniffed and remembered all of my favorite “spots” in the back yard.  It is a pretty sweet deal being a dog who divides time between Florida weddings and Kansas City weddings.

However, one of my least favorite parts of it are the long drives between the two.  I seem to get nervous and pant a lot in traffic (dad calls me Sir Pants A Lot, not really sure what that means but it sounds kind of majestic) so my parents have to give me drugs to calm me down.  The drugs make me feel very strange and I can’t decide if I like that or not. Mom and dad often say I look “stoned”, again, not sure what that means but whatever dude! This last trip wasn’t too bad though because we decided to take a different route and spend one of our nights in a very cool historic fishing village.  I love adventures!

The first day we drove to Apalachicola FL.  The drive took us on non-interstate roads through the beautiful Apalachicola National Forest and along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  The views were amazing and I even got to put my head out the window a lot. When we arrived we checked in to The Gibson Inn.  

destination weddings

Dad In Front Of The Gibson Inn

The Gibson Inn is an example of what is called Florida “Cracker” Architecture.  Now why they call it that is beyond me because it doesn’t look anything like a cracker.  Dad says this was the style was used in the 19th and early 20th century in Florida. (I think that means it is very old, but why Cracker? why not milk bone or biscuit?.) These structures are characterized by metal roofs, raised floors, high ceilings, center hallways, and large wrap around porches.  The tin roof has a widows walk and cupola.  Built in 1907 , the Inn became known as a first class luxury hotel and was the only one between Pensacola and Jacksonville heated entirely by steam.  Wow I think that is so cool! It is now listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places. 

There are some designated pet friendly rooms so I got to enjoy sitting next to Dad and Mom on the huge porch that wraps around the entire place on both the first and second floors.  I don’t know who enjoyed it more.  There were white wooden rocking chairs placed all along the porch and we had such a nice time sitting there watching the people go by.  There were many new and amazing sights and smells for me and I spent my time trying to figure out each one.

Anna Maria Island photographers

Hanging Out On The Porch

The hotel would not let me into the very nice dining room (I’m sure I was paying for some other dog’s sins) so we walked to a cool place on Scipio Creek called Up The Creek.  They are very nice and let your four legged family members come onto the porch and lay at your parents feet while they eat.  The porch has a bar along the edges that Dad and Mom sat at and ate wonderful oysters and conch cakes.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Dad Loves Oysters

Dad seems to drool when he sees big fresh oysters, not sure why he does not get “the look” when he drools though.  We sat right above the water and were able to watch oyster and shrimp boats going up and down the creek.

Florida Wedding Photographers

Outside The Restaurant’s Porch

It was very nice and plenty for me to see and sniff.  Some other patrons gave me a real cracker.  Dig that.

In the morning we left and drove thru Alabama to Memphis TN.  It was also a pretty drive and we loved seeing new sights.  The hotel we stayed at in Memphis was like the ones we usually stay in.  It was a La Quinta so I slept in my usual spot in the bathtub.

Real Deal Wedding Photography

My Favorite Place To Sleep

I love the La Quinta bathtubs. The weirdest part was that to get in the parking lot you had to have a code to get through a gate that had barbed wire on top of it.  Dad said it was for safety purposes but COME ON, most of the rooms had dogs staying in them.  What could be more safe?  We ordered food to be delivered that night since there was no place we could walk to.  I proudly barked to alert everyone that someone was at the door.  Hey, there is no doorbell.

The last day we drove up through Arkansas and it was beautiful.  There were miles and miles of winding roads through beautiful green forests. I liked that part a lot. We drove through Springfield and up through Clinton to Kansas City which is also a very nice drive.  The lack of big semi trucks was the highlight for all of us.

I have to say that It felt good to pull into our condo parking lot.  I was glad to get out of the car.  I liked this trip the best so far and am hoping we go that way when we return to Florida in September.  Or maybe we will take another adventure and find a different route.  Dad say’s we might because that’s the way we roll.

Until next time…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I would like to take the time and wish all the mothers everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day. I know my dad and mom love their mothers with all their heart and would agree that today is a good day to say so.

A mother is the greatest gift in life. She is always there, loving supporting and sacrificing. Moms are so many things to us… a teacher, a nurse, a playmate, an inspiration, a best friend and confidant. As a child we know that our mom will keep us safe and if we are very lucky as an adult we figure out that our mom is our best friend.

A mother’s heart is a beautiful thing and will love you unconditionally. A mother will encourage you when you are doubtful, cheer you on when need be and stand by quietly in case you need her when it is time for you to make your own decisions.

It has been said that Mother’s Day is a Hallmark Card Day but I say we use it as a time in one way or another to acknowledge our moms. It can be a phone call, a dinner, a gift, a note, flowers or a hug.

Happy Mother's Day Gigi!

Happy Mother’s Day Gigi!

Thank her for who she has been, who she is and how with good grace and cheer she has helped make you who you are.

Thanks to my four legged mom for having me and giving me good genes so that I am healthy. Thanks also, to my human mom for loving me so much that she feeds me, takes me for walks and lets me use her wonderful tempurpedic pillow whenever I want. I know I am loved because my mom tells me so every day!

Mom And Me On A Walk About

Mom And Me On A Walk About

I love you mom!

Two Paws Up For The Palmetto Riverside B&B

Today I want to talk about one of Dad and Mom’s favorite wedding venues in Florida. There are many great places to photograph weddings on the Gulf Coast but this one is up there. Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast is an incredible, wonderfully restored circa 1913 residence that represents Old Florida at it’s finest. It is elegant, charming and comfortable thanks to all the attention to detail, both in the building, the grounds and the personal service that the owners, Wim and Mieke offer.

The house is located on the Manatee River. It has 6 guest rooms, decorated with French period antiques. Each room has 10 foot ceilings, ceiling fans, private bathrooms, individual climate control, cable flat screen TVs and high speed wireless internet access.

Weddings ceremonies are usually held on the picturesque front lawn under a beautiful live oak tree facing the river. By the way, I want to offer up my services as a canine ring bearer. I would love to stroll down the aisle under the canopy of that old live oak tree and deliver the rings in style.

Destination Wedding Photographers

Ceremony Under Live Oak Tree

Outside photo opportunities are everywhere from the lovely front steps, the yard surrounded by a white picket fence, the dock that goes out over the water across the street, to the charming tree swing in the front yard.

Florida Wedding Photographers

Fairytale Tree Swing

The inside is exquisite and offers many lovely wedding photography opportunities as well.

Florida Wedding Photographers

A Lovely Staircase

Affordable West Coast Photographers

In The Bridal Suite

There is a beautiful porch/patio area in the back that is perfect for the reception that you have always dreamed of.

West Coast Florida Wedding Photographers

Beautiful Reception Area

You can bring in the caterer of your choice and they have a wonderful state of the art commercial kitchen area. Every vendor we have talked to that has worked there has commented on what a lovely venue it is. Not only is it a wonderful wedding vendor but it is a fabulous place to work a wedding! That is not an easy accomplishment.

Wim and Mieke go above and beyond when it comes to accommodating your every need. They deliver everything they promise and sometimes more. They “get it”.

If you are looking for an over the top, elegant and romantic venue, I suggest you check out the Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast. You won’t go wrong.

I am ready for a nap and dreams of a lovely “French Poodle” in a picturesque bed and breakfast on the Manatee River in Palmetto Florida. Ahhhhh mais oui!

Bon soir,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “Valentine.” (I would like to add milk bones to the gift list…I’m just sayin’). It is a time to let those you love know how you feel.

In the spirit of things, I would like to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to my Dad who is so very special to me. He does so many wonderful things. He plays ball with me, he fills my swimming pool so I can cool off, he takes me for dinghy rides to the beach so I can swim and romp around, he takes me for long walks and lets me sniff anything I want along the way, he feeds me, he lets me share his space in the bed and he gives me lots of hugs and love. He calls me his brown wonder. If I had thumbs I would draw him a beautiful card to tell him he is the best. I love you Dad!

Dad and me on a dinghy trip.

Dad and me on a dinghy trip.

I would also like to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to my Mom who is also very special. She makes up funny names for me like “Chocolate Flavored Cocoa Puff,” “ Bosey Wosey Pudding and Pie” (sweet but corny), “Mr. Brown”, “The Hims” or “Cutest Boy In The World “(I like that one). She feeds me and fills my water bowl whenever I empty it and she takes me for nice walks to do my business. (She never gets mad when she has to pick up my “stuff”.) She also shares her space in the bed (even though I leave hair on her oh so wonderful tempurpedic pillow) and gives me lots of hugs and love. If I had thumbs I would pick her a bouquet of flowers. I love you Mom!

On a walk about with Mom.

On a walk about with Mom.

Some of the other people on my “Happy Valentine’s Day” list are:

My sisters Taylor and Riley (I call them my sissies) – thank you for all the love you give me. I love it when you are with us.

Papa and Gigi – thanks for letting me come to your house and lay on your beautiful white leather couch. It is so comfy there.

Aunt Tracey – thanks for bringing Madi over to play with me. I love you both!

Eric and Annie – thanks for having Britton. He is an awesome dude and I love it when he visits us.

Auntie Karen – thanks for loving me and letting me get on your boat any time I want. You always have nice treats for me. Also thanks for feeding and walking me when Dad and Mom are working. I love it when you call me Beaulicious! People say you and I have “good energy”.

Rob and Nancy – thanks for giving me treats (I LOVE treats) and letting me come to your house even though I make the cats crazy.

Uncle Steve – thanks for staying with me In Kansas City when Mom and Dad go on vacation. You take really good care of me.

Debbie – thanks for letting me stay with you in Florida when Mom and Dad go on vacation. You are the best for letting me swim in your pool (that makes me feel special). I love the wicker chair by the pool. If feels like my throne.

Uncles Jeff and Trae – Thanks for hugging and loving on me and especially for the homemade dog treats at Christmas. Also thanks for throwing the tennis ball for me when we are at the pool in Kansas City.

Woof! I have lots of Valentines in my life, I could go on and on! I am a lucky dog!

Tell all of your Valentines why you are thankful for them. You will be glad you did!

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Final proof of my blog

I must stop now, blogging makes me so tired.

destination weddings

Tired from blogging.

Love and hugs,

Everybody Wants To Be A Photographer

Today I want to talk about wedding guests and their cameras. Dad and Mom often talk about this subject. They say that they are amazed about how many wedding guests take their cameras and use them during the ceremony. Not just their cameras but their iPads and phones. Not only do they use them but they often use them with a flash!

My parents never use flash during the ceremony. They believe a wedding ceremony is just that…a sacred ceremony and not a photo session. That is one of the reasons they use professional equipment that can be adjusted to different lighting situations.

Dad says he can’t believe that there are so many wedding guests that just snap away during the service. How can you enjoy the loveliness of the moment with a camera in front of your face? Sometimes they are trying so hard to get a good shot that they get in the way of the professional that the bride and groom have paid good money for.

After napping on this I have come up with a couple of simple suggestions.

If you want to take your camera do so but ask the bride and groom if they care if you shoot during the ceremony.

If you must shoot during the ceremony don’t use a flash.

Don’t stand up for long periods of time taking pictures because the people behind you would like to see the bride and groom…not your behind.

Try to stay out of the professional photographers way. When group shots are being taken try not to be the one that says “just one more” then take forever getting your shot. This holds everything up and weddings are usually on a tight schedule.

Lastly, be courteous.

That’s it for now. I need to contemplate the inside of my eyelids!



I have heard my mom and dad talking about New Year’s resolutions so I decided to look into it to see what they were talking about.

I discovered that New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming new year.  It is a time to reflect on the changes we want to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

My research led me to some of the most popular resolutions.  

Spend More Time with Family & Friends
I’m all for this one!  I love hanging with my peeps.  Especially those that know how much I enjoy treats!

Fit in Time For Fitness
We all know that exercise keeps you healthy and makes you look and feel better.  I’m lucky because my dad and mom take me for regular walks, swims on the sand bar and they play ball with me all summer long.  I love, love, love playing with a tennis ball!  Stay posted as dad got a GoPro and says he is going to rig it up for some cool dog shots.

I love go play ball!

I love to play ball!

Quit Smoking
I wish everyone would do it, those butts on ground always look like snacks and its so gross when I mistakenly pick one up.

Enjoy Life More
This has become a popular resolution in recent years.  Humans work too hard and loose the balance between body, mind and soul.  I don’t have that problem.  I do all the things I love…EAT, sleep, play, EAT, take long walks, play in the water, EAT, play with my tennis ball and oh did I mention EAT!  I have found the balance I need to enjoy my life to the fullest!  I recommend everyone work towards this goal.

Get Out of Debt
Debt is a big source of stress so if you have this problem my advice is to try to get a handle on it this year if you can.  

Learn Something New
Learning something new can make a tremendous difference in your outlook on life.  If I had thumbs I think my resolution would be to learn how to paint!  I just love art and the pleasure it brings into people’s lives.

Help Others
This is a very non-selfish resolution that not only helps you but helps others also.  I would love to volunteer to go for long walks with my friend Savannah to help her get the exercise she needs.  She is fun to be around and easy on the eyes too.  Such a pretty golden doodle.  

I have come up with my own personal resolution!  I Beauregard Obetz will try to post more blogs in 2014.  I got a little lazy toward the end of last year and I am a little embarrassed by it.  I figure if I post more blogs I will get hungrier from the work, which will give me an excuse to exercise so I will stay in shape and enjoy life!  If I am enjoying life I can help others and learn something new from time to time.  So I’m thinking that the popular resolutions are popular for a reason!

Happy New Year everyone.  I wish you much joy and happiness in 2014.

The Blogging Dog

Beau Knows Bridal Fairs

It appears that Dad and Mom are gearing up for another Bridal Fair. To me a fair is a place to go to ride the Ferris Wheel and Tilt O Whirl, eat cotton candy and a funnel cake (oh yum). Evidently this is not that kind of fair. This is an event where all the different types of vendors that are involved in the wedding industry set up a booth and show what kind of services they offer. Kind of like a trade show for brides.

Dad Working His Magic at a Bridal Fair

Dad Working His Magic at a Bridal Fair

There are booths for, honeymoon destinations, jewelry, bridal gowns, tuxedos, party rental items, photographers, videographers…sounded kind of boring until I heard there are also booths for caterers, and cake designers. Dad told me the caterers cook yummy dishes and hand out samples for FREE and the cakes he described sound delicious. Now that sounds like a fair worth going to!

Some brides come with friends or family members who make a day of the event. Some come with their husband-to-be who typically do not want to be there and walk around like a kid who got drug along to the fabric store with their mom.

Bridal Fairs can be a little overwhelming as there are so many things to see and people to talk to. From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave your senses are being bombarded with all kinds of sounds, sights, smells and tastes all designed to make your special day magical.

I have a few tips that may help you get the most out of your experience at a Bridal Fair.

Allow plenty of time to get the most out of the day. Decide ahead of time what you expect to get out of the experience.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Bring a pad and pen. There will be many opportunities to register for prizes and you will want to take notes.
Bring a friend. When they hand out bags at the different booths be sure to get two, one for you and one for your friend. Put the brochures and handouts from the vendors you like into your bag and toss the rest into your friend’s bag. That way you don’t have so many things to sort through when you get home.
Make labels to use for the contests so you don’t have to write your name, wedding date, and email address over and over. Return address labels work best.
Ask the vendors you like if they have a show special.
Bring a camera. Bringing a simple digital camera will allow you to quickly remember some of the great things you see at the show. Did you see a dress that had a feature you liked or flowers you want at your ceremony?

Most of all enjoy yourself. Oh yeah, if you have a wonderful canine type friend at home like me, smuggle some cake for your precious. Just a little! They’ll be glad you did.

Woof out,

Beam Me Up Scotty!

My mom and dad who are Florida Gulf Coast wedding photographers get to photograph some wonderfully fun people for their engagements and weddings. This week was no exception.

This story happens to be about an engagement photo session. It started by the Dali museum in downtown St. Petersburg with a charming couple that was fun to work with and very photogenic. Dad took some great shots along the waterfront with palm trees in the foreground and a marina full of boats in the background. Dad felt really good about the way things were going. There were lots of great shots. He really tries to capture their personalities in a unique way.

After the regular photos were taken, the bride informed them that she was a lifetime “Trekkie” and had an idea for a couple of shots around Beach St. in Downtown St. Petersburg. Dad and Mom not thinking anything of it said, “Sure!”. The groom knowing that a happy wife means a happy life said “ok”.

The bride went to the bathroom and changed into a full on Star Trek costume. We are talking full body suit. This is like those dogs with full on halloween costumes, not just a sweater. She looked amazing. The groom reluctantly changed into his costume which wasn’t quite as extravagant but was still very much Star Trek. Here he was in public wearing something he never would have guessed he would be wearing but he was a good sport.

We went to a park downtown that had a very cool sculpture where they pulled out fake taser like guns. They got into character and we had a blast taking these shots.

Dad shooting the "Trekkie"

Dad shooting the “Trekkie”



My advice to all bride and grooms is to make the most of this amazing time of your life. Do what makes you feel happy and be who you are. You will end up with wonderful memories that will last a life time. All that being said, don’t even think of dressing me up in a Star Trek costume.

Beam me up Scotty,
Beau Out

Boy Am I Hacked Off!

An update from me, Beauregard the dog who blogs. I feel I must explain why you haven’t heard much from me lately. In the last month my blog has been hacked TWICE by some evil forces I can’t even smell. Dad tells me that means someone or something has corrupted the blog and it has had to be deleted and reinstalled both times. Mom has worked hard both times to get everything back up and running, so here I am again.

I don’t understand what hacked means in computer speak. Is it like being hacked off at the neighbors cat for staying just out of my reach? Is it more like, I hacked by way through the thick brush to get to that dang cat? Or does it mean I am hacked off at state officials who say I can’t play on the beach? It is very confusing for sure.

All I know is that my blog is back and we are in sunny Florida again doing our wedding photography thing. Stay tuned as I have a few subjects bouncing around in my head that I want to share with you.

I raise a leg to all you hackers out there. Leave my blog alone!